ShaktiCon 2022
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ShaktiCon 2021

ShaktiCon is a series of programmes with a goal to excite, train and support women from all over the globe to develop critical skills in the area of cyber security. It featured multiple training workshops, talks, seminars and hacking contests spanned over 3 months, and is organized by Team Shakti along with the support of team bi0s and Blackhoodie.

ShaktiCTF 2020

ShaktiCTF is a Women Only Jeopardy-style CTF with a set of interesting challenges that can be solved individually or as a team by the participants. This event is going to be organised by the members of Team Shakti and it aims to spread awareness about information security and cyber security among young women and girls.

Introduction to Malware Reverse Engineering 2020 BSides

One of our Team Member, Ashwathi Sasi was selected to conduct a workshop on "Introduction to Malware Reverse Engineering" at BSides Delhi 2020.

Server Side Exploitation with PHP at OWASP 2020

One of our Team Members, Nimisha Dughyala was given an opportunity to give training on "Server Side Exploitation with PHP" at OWASP Seasides 2020.

Introduction to the DarkArts at Bsides 2019 BSides

Our Team Members Shruti Dixit and Neelam Gurjar were given an opportunity to conduct a workshop on "Introduction to the DarkArts" at BSides Delhi 2019.

Introduction to Dark Arts at HackLU 2019

Our Team Members Sowmya Potluri and Geethna TK were invited to HackLU 2019 , in Luxembourg to conduct a workshop on "Introduction to Reverse Engineering, Exploitation and Cryptography".