Winja Talks 2020

One of our members, Meenakshi SL was selected as speakers for Winja Talks 2020 by Nullcon for her talk 'CTFs, Codes and Ciphers'.

Diana Initiative
IDCSS 2020

Our team members Gopika S, Sandhra Bino and Meenakshi S L were awarded Student scholarships to attend Indian Dutch Cybersecurity Summer school 2020

Bsides Delhi 2020

One of our members, Gopika Subramanian was selected as speakers for Bsides Delhi conference 2020 for her talk 'Quines: A self producing syndrome'.

Diana Initiative
GSoC 2020

Our team member, Ayushi Sharma got selected for Google Summer of Code 2020. She would be working on enhancing the syzkaller support for NetBSD. Project involves fixing existing issues related to network stack's support for syzkaller, improve coverage by adding new syscalls and ioctl calls for drivers and fuzzing other interfaces in syzkaller.

Diana Initiative 2020

Two of our members, Sandhra Bino and Meenakshi S L were selected as speakers for Diana Initiative 2020's CTF village talk for their talk 'Levelling up the Estrogen in the Cyber World'.

Diana Initiative
BlackHat USA 2020

Gopika S, Sandhra Bino, Meenakshi S L, Simran Kathpalia and Sridevi Krishnan were awarded Student scholarships to attend BlackHat USA 2020

Hacking Luxembourg!

Members of TeamShakti were selected for presenting a workshop titled “Intro to Dark Arts” for introducing the participants to different fields in a jeopardy style competition. Geethna T K and Sowmya Potluri conducted this workshop at HackLu19, Luxembourg.

In 2018, Geethna T K got a scholarship to attend HackLu18 and the reverse engineering workshop by Black hoodie at Luxembourg. The workshop included training sessions for ‘Malware Traffic Analysis’ and ‘Hacking mobile data and phone calls’.

Summer School @ IISc

Ashwathi, Neelam, Shruti, and Sowmya were selected among the 90 students from all over India for a 6 day Summer School organized by the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Selected to attend among 1000+ applicants.

Winja CTF

Team Shakti has managed to secure 1st position in the Winja CTF for two consecutive years, 2019 and 2020. We won fully sponsored trainings by SANS worth USD 1500 for the same. Nimisha attended the training for 2019 while Sandhra Bino attended the training for 2020.

BlackHat Asia 2019

BlackHat Asia (Annual cybersecurity conference in Singapore)- Ayushi, Ashwathi, Shruti, Sowmya and Nimisha were awarded student scholarships to attend BlackHat Asia in Singapore.

WiCys 2019

Gopika was an invited speaker for the Women in Cybersecurity conference 2019 to give a talk on “From Serialization to RCE” in Bangalore.


Shruti Dixit and Geethna T K presented a talk titled “Getting started with cybersecurity through CTFs’ at the Cysinfo quarterly meetup held at Bangalore.