India's only all-girls CTF team


More About Team Shakti

Team Shakti is a group of budding young female minds who have joined together for the cause of bringing about a change in the field of cyber-security. Established as a Capture The Flag team, the team works tirelessly to spread knowledge and make a contribution to balance the prevalent gender gap in the field.
Team Shakti works on the principle of team peer mentoring where the senior members mentor the juniors. Members support and help each other ultimately making the entire team stronger.
Since its foundation in 2019 by Shri Vipin Pavithran, Team Shakti has been recognised to be the only CTF team in India which exclusively comprises female students.

Team Shakti is primarily a Capture the Flag team established exclusively for women by women. The team actively participates in Capture the Flag competitions and encourages women to join the sisterhood through talks and workshops.
Our members have been a part of various conferences such as HackLu and BlackHat. We also actively participate in security research and help conduct CTFs as a part of team bi0s and much more!